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Hello, I purchased one of your water bottles with the juicer about 3 weeks ago. Through the years I have severely struggled with my weight due to medical issues and over eating. If you would have asked me three weeks ago how often I drank water, I would have told you maybe one glass a month and that my beverage of choice was milk! I was drinking about a gallon every day to day and a half. I have run the gambit on trying to change my habits: crash diets, shake fads, and just plain not eating. All of my attempts were to no avail and I just accepted that I would be heavy my whole life. Then your bottle completely changed that. I have been using it non stop for these 3 weeks and just recently purchased a second one to give my first one a rest. I have lost 17 pounds so far and have cut out so many junk foods, high fructose corn syrup foods, and drastically cut down on my milk intake which I thought impossible for me, but I am not having the cravings for it anymore. I take the bottle out to eat with me and telling people about its great benefits. And now when people ask, my beverage of choice is orange/pineapple water rather than anything other than water. I guess I just wanted to say thank you and please keep up the innovations for your bottles. One comment I do have though is to see if it is possible to make one of the berry attachments for the plastic water bottles? I think it would be amazing to try. Thanks again, Liz

– Liz R.
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