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Zing Anything to Donate Profits to

Zing Anything’s primary goal is to be a contributor in changing the way our country eats and drinks. Our concept hits home on the idea of staying away from high calorie, sugary beverages. By using your own natural ingredients and making healthy beverages, we hope the Zinger provides improvement to your daily diet. As you may already know, the dangers of the obesity epidemic facing the U.S. are real, and changes need to be made to bring health and diet decisions into the center of debate and action for our country.

As a start-up business, we feel that it would be most symbolic and beneficial to donate our initial profits – created by the first 200 bottles sold – to the purpose we fully support. Through helping those in need first and before anything else, we hope we can make a statement. Through our continued and committed effort with our partner, we will further advance donations as a portion of proceeds from sales. Through this and other relationships, we want to further our contributions toward driving significant change. is a charitable organization dedicated to collecting, organizing and helping the donation of fruit to food pantries across the country. Their database of more than 10,000 food pantries allows anyone who grows their own fruits and vegetables – whether they are a home gardener or commercial farmer – to donate excess food supply directly to those in need. We thank you for helping us reach our initial goal.


Joshua Lefkovitz