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We have introduced a new authentication system!

We are pleased to announce that as part of our continuing efforts to combat counterfeits we have introduced a new authentication system which is now in place for all Citrus and Kid Zingers (also to be included in the future Citrus Zinger Biggie and Citrus Zinger Mini SKUs). Each product will have its unique identifier, which when registered on the website ( will instantaneously give the consumer one of three messages:

  1. Product is successfully registered and is authenticated as a real product
  2. Product code is not recognized, please try again
  3. Product code has already been registered, and the product on hand could potentially be a counterfeit

Please note that during this interim period, there could be products on shelves both with the authentication code and products without. In the coming months, the old packaging design should be thoroughly phased out and Zing bottles with the Authentication code are a safe-bet!

Note, many counterfeit Zing Anything bottles contain BPA, lead, Phthalates, and other toxins.