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Zing’s Summer Favorites Part 2

by Jim Bretz on Jan 08, 2014

A few weeks ago we shared some of our favorite Zinger recipes, listing lemonade-inspired concoctions as the perfect hot weather blends. Today we’re sharing part two of our summer-themed recipes so you can even further enjoy what summer has to offer … besides the heat that is. Because, as the temps continue to blaze, taking in a nice beverage is one of the best ways to help cool off. Add in a drink that’s extremely healthy and tasty, and that only adds to the benefits of using your Zinger throughout these hotter months.

This Week’s Theme: Citrus Blast

Who doesn’t love a nice citrus kick? It’s a great combination of sweet and sour, and can work to add a little something extra to almost any drink. This comes in especially handy when working outdoors or heading to an outside activity.

Lime Ginger Punch

Whether celebrating a party or just cooling off at home, this lime ginger recipe is sure to make your taste buds turn. Start by cutting up one and a half limes into quarter-sized squares, and place them in your Zinger. Add two small ginger chunks about the size of a nickle. (Ground ginger spice can also be used, just be aware that it may not fully dissolve within your beverage.) Now fill the Zinger with seltzer water for a carbonated kick, or flat water for a more mellow flavor. Drop in a few ice cubes, shake, and enjoy!

Grapefruit Mango

Next up is a drink that combines two tropical climates’ fruits: grapefruits and mangos. First slice a grapefruit in quarters and cut up one whole quarter into quarter-sized pieces. (Save the rest of the fruit for future Zings.) Do the same with your mango, and place all pieces into your grind cup to combine tropical flavors. Now, if you enjoy a sweeter taste, drop in a teaspoon of natural honey (remember our ice cube trick? Dip out some honey with a spoon and then swipe onto an ice cube that will go in the Zinger’s top opening). Now fill with water and shake! Be sure to allow honey to fully dissolve before drinking. Extra shaking will speed up this process as well.

With these summer combos there’s no right or wrong recipe. Just experiment with different ratios and fruit, then adjust to find the flavor that best suits your tastes. But most of all, remember to cool off all summer long with tasty and healthy combinations.

Stay tuned for more summer recipes or share you own!

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