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Vinegar, Nature’s Hidden Health Factor

by Bethaney Wallace on Jul 12, 2012

The thought of drinking vinegar – even in theory – is more than a small feat for many. Just the smell alone is enough to turn any semi interested parties away. Then add in the taste – its bitter, strong flavor – and the thought of taking even a sip of the stuff becomes overwhelming. But first things first, if vinegar is so extremely awful, why would anyone even consider drinking it at all? What’s the point of torturing oneself when the substance brings on only pursed lips and startled nostrils?Despite its pungent abilities, vinegar actually contains many health benefits. Consuming it regularly – whether straight or with a little help to wash it down – allows organs to be cleansed, pounds to be shed, stress to be reduced, and more. And all from a liquid that can barely be stomached by the majority of the population.

However, with a little help, vinegar can easily be made into something flavorful… really. As the old saying goes, “Just a little dab will do ‘ya,” and vinegar is no different. Chugging the substance in large quantities isn’t necessary(and actually can be unhealthy),buttaking in small daily doses on a regular basis is emmensly healthy.

Adding Flavor

With your Zinger, the taste of formerly bitter vinegar can be transformed and flavored. Depending on your taste buds, add a little or a lot of the liquid. Choose from white, apple cider, or whatever other type of vinegar you prefer (apple cider is most common). Then zing fruits, herbs or veggies to add flavor; now add 4-8 ounces of vinegar and dilute with a little water, seltzer water, or even spirits to help even out the taste (i.e. 1-2 ounces). Next, shake, chill, and let the flavors steep into a tasty vinegar concoction.

Natural honey or other sweeteners can even be mixed in to further cut back that bitter taste. While some will enjoy this sour, unique flavor, others will need more help before enjoying the mixture. Each user may even find that different fruits will provide varying levels of masking abilities. Many Zing users will even love a strong-tasting vinegar on its own!

Flavored vinegar concoctions can also be enjoyed in the Salad Zinger, creating tasty salad dressings, so there’s no fear of drinking in your health benefits … no matter how smelly they may be.

Health Benefits

Besides helping clean out organs and creating a balanced level of PH, drinking vinegar can provide several other nutritious health benefits. Vinegar can help shed extra pounds by regulating the digestion and other organs; the more efficiently they work, the fewer pounds of fats they store away for safe keeping. It can also make a person feel fuller sooner, reducing the amount of calories they take in. A regular vinegar dose can also reduce stress, headaches, skin conditions, regulate bowel functions, improve digestion, and more. Insect bites can also be kept at bay by regularly drinking down the liquid.

While the idea of drinking vinegar may sound like a tall task, it’s one that can provide many health benefits along the way. And with the help of your Zinger, it can even be made delicious as well! Just experiment with different vinegar and fruit ratios to find the best tasting drinking vinegar combo for your palate.

To start benefiting from flavored vinegars today, check out the products tab above.