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Summer Recipes Continued: Salad Dressings

by Jim Bretz on Dec 10, 2012

While most everyone has been sun soaking away this summer, we’ve been taking note of our favorite beverage recipes to help cool off … even on those 100 plus degree days. Citing citrus blends and berry flavors as some of the most refreshingcombinations, we’re now expanding our taste buds into salad dressings, compiling up our tastiest concoctions and sharing them for others to enjoy as well. Best of all, these dressings don’t have to be summer specific; mix them up any day of the year for a tasty, fresh way to add flavor to your meal.

You can even experiment and make your own new combos. Give our recipes a try or tell us about yours; with the Salad Zinger, dressings become unlimited in use, flavor, and variations.

Lemon Garlic Basil

Combine one or two (or three if you love garlic) cloves of peeled garlic. Smash each bulb with a knife handle or rolling pin to help remove the skin (note you can nob off the hard end of the garlic and add skin and all, since it stays separated anyway). Add in a few sprigs of fresh basil, or substitute dried or jarred when out of season. Finally, add a couple quarter-sized pieces of lemonto the grind cup. Now twist on and pour in red wine vinegar and olive oil and let steep for 6-12 hours. You can also use equal parts white vinegar and olive oil for a more subtle taste – the more oil, the less intense the dressing will be.

Once ready, you can serve up a healthy and tasty salad. For something different, try drizzling the mixture on tomatoes, or veggies for a light glaze. Salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy.

Onion Dash

For those who love onion, there’s no such thing as “enough” tang in your meal. While finding the right flavor balance can sometimes be tricky, adding in more onion is always a welcome treat. With this recipe, the task has never been easier or more delicious. Just Zing to add an extra layer of onion to any meal of your choice. And it’s a great way to still experience the great taste without the pungent-ness that sometimes comes along with onion chopping and chewing.

Choose from sweet, green, red, or yellow onions, and chop into small chunks. Add into grind cup until almost completely full. Now add in a few sprigs of cilantro to help highlight the onion’s flare. Then fill with olive oil and let steep for 1-3 hours.

Once flavored you can pour the concoction on salads, sandwiches, meats, breads, and more.

Sweet ‘n Sour strawberry balsamic

Salad dressings with a hint of sweetness are always a refreshing break; creating your own is even more rewarding, adjusting just how sweet or subtle each mix will become.

For an even sweeter option, pick up a few strawberries from your grocery store or local farmer’s market. (For a berry burst, try blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries in your dressing.)  Add strawberries whole or cut in halfinto the grind cup along with a half of teaspoon of honey. Keep in mind that the more berries you use, the stronger the flavor will become. We recommend two mid-sized strawberries for a nice balanced, yet still sweet flavor. Next add in sprigs of oregano, basil, or mint for an extra taste layer. Now pour in balsamic vinegar (and olive oil if you want to turn it into a salad dressing) and let it steep for 3-6 hours for a sweet and sour mixture that will compliment any salad or crusty bread.

Try our fresh and tangy recipes this summer (or any season) for a new twist on eating healthy.

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