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Nutrition 101: The Benefits of Water

by Bethaney Wallace on Jun 07, 2012

In the back of our minds, there is always a little voice telling us what we should and should not put into our bodies. Whether or not it’s wanted, this voice acts as our nutritional Jimminy Cricket, putting up a fight when too much fast food or sodas have been consumed. Likewise, our health conscious rewards us for good choices, such as choosing a salad over a hamburger and fry combo, or water over a milkshake.

But despite all the knowledge we hold about nutrition (or lack thereof), one constant that seems to remain more prominent than the rest: we know we need to drink water. Lots and lots of it.Water quenches our thirst, keeps us hydrated better than sugary or artificial drinks, and it is one of the six nutrients required for maintaining life. (The other five are healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.)

But there is more to water than just hydration. The substance has a number of health benefits, all which are essential to everyday nutrition. (And when obtaining them is as easy as drinking a few glasses of good old H2O, why not give it a try?)

Drinking Water Can:

Help reduce your calorie count. Regular water (versions that are not carbonated or vitamin enhanced) contains zero calories, but still requires digestion. This means the body is burning calories to consume water, while not taking in any additional ones.

  • Help maintain and regulate body temperature
  • Prevent constipation and allow waste removal to work efficiently
  • Minimize arthritis and joint pain
  • Protect inner tissues and organs

The human body is between 60-70 percent water, much of which comes from our daily liquid intakes. To keep bodies at a healthy level, doctors recommend that women drink nearly three liters of water per day, while men need closer to four.

To enjoy all of the available health benefits that come from H2O, consider implementing a routine for daily water consumption. And to help bring taste to those health benefits, try using ZingAnything, a natural, healthy way to flavor water.