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Low Calorie, Healthy Beverage Option

by Bethaney Wallace on May 30, 2012

Ever since childhood, the world has heard firsthand qualms about soda. Mothers have scolded their children about drinking sugar before bed. Teachers have asked for parental permission for more than a single juice to be consumed at school. Some kids have even been denied sugary beverages all together. Whatever a person’s experience, it’s safe to say the negative effects of drinking unnatural ingredients* were warned early on.

But as an adult, our mothers and teachers’ former warnings go unheard. Drinking multiple sodas a day is a personal choice and the consequences are only physical. No adult has been grounded for sneaking a third soda after work.

On the other hand, many adults have chosen to research why those original claims were made.* A few brave souls decided to take these former warnings to heart and avoid the premise of unnatural sugars on a regular basis. Whether due to dietary restrictions or health problems, the quest to avoid soda is a decision that was self made. Luckily though, not drinking sugars doesn’t mean cutting out the flavor.

Where Flavor Meets Health

By integrating natural flavors into water, a beverage that is known as healthy, users can create unique options that combine health and taste. Zing Anything allows the ability to cut out the sugar* (especially the unnatural ones), while still enjoying flavorful drinks on a daily basis.

Zing Anything works by creating a flavor zone where fruit (or veggies, or citrus, or herbs) and water combine. This allows for a tasty drink option that was flavored naturally. And not only are the sugars gone, so are the calories. Who says something that tastes great can’t be guilt-free?

And because complete flavor control is left to the user, it’s easy to create combinations to fit any taste buds.

Whether eliminating sugary drinks is a self-made choice or its just an option for the future, there are plenty of ways to help cut out empty calories out of our everyday diets – with no flavor lost.

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*As of 2010, every state in the country has an obesity rate of at least 20 percent. In 16 states, that percentage is at least 30. In 1995, only one state’s numbers charted at 20.

*Soda and other sugary beverages are the number one direct link that causes obesity.

*A 12-oz. bottle of soda contains a quarter of one’s daily sugar allowance. Yikes!