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Lemon eating challenge

by Jim Bretz on Aug 21, 2012

Ok, so it all started as a dare.  Famous last words for some, eating whole lemons for others. It wasn’t planned this way, but here is how it happened.  It was late in the evening  at the Northside summer fest on Friday night, and we randomly concocted a lemon eating challenge that was as simple as, eat a lemon half, and get a free Citrus Zinger.  We pitched it to a select few street goers, before an adventurous couple took us up on the offer.

However, our intentions were to just have them squeeze the lemon juice into their mouth, but instead, they each munched the whole half of lemon...rind and all!  Before we could tell them otherwise, they were chomping and chomping until the lemons were all gone.  We bellied over with laughter and gave them their free bottles.    What an entertaining way to wrap up our Friday night!!