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Insider Tips for Using your Zinger

by Bethaney Wallace on Jul 02, 2012

In any situation, even the most experienced of professionals will call in help now and then. Every plumber needs an assistant — no matter how many years on the job — and every grocer needs a sack boy. As for the rest of the world, Alfred saved Batman when he met a close call, the president has a board of advisors for tough decisions, and Doc Brown needed MartyMcFly to fix the flux capacitor. No matter the skill level and expertise, an outside set of eyes can always provide new information – oftentimes these sources were the last minute heroes.

That being said, the Zing Anything line requires almost no expertise. Its simple design and intuitive process can be picked up on the fly, and it only becomes easier as you go. However, just like the pros, there’s not to say a few tips won’t help us along the way. Check out what the Zing Anything crew has learned to help make your Zinger an even better experience.

Choosing Fruit

Unlike a fruit salad or garnish, Zinging doesn’t require the prettiest, or even the largest of fruits for prime presentation.  However, fresh fully ripened ingredients are always the best.  When cooking, set aside the runts or left overs for Zinging. It’s a great way to avoid wasting foods and to create a new flavor combination in the process.

And while fresh fruit generally tastes better, frozen fruits are a great alternative when ingredients are out of season. Let frozen fruits or veggies thaw in the fridge, or when in a hurry, rinse under lukewarm water for a few seconds before Zinging.

The Double Grind

To maximize the flavor extracted from the ingredients you add to the Aqua Zinger, screw on the bottom grind cup, and then partially back off, then again. This is a double grind.  However, you can do a triple or more if you wish.   As well, if you need to move a piece of fruit to the middle you can by unscrewing and poking it to the middle, then grinding again.

Use Those Muscles

Each Zinger comes with an airtight seal … but in order to be effective, the lids need to be screwed on tightly. No wimpiness here; make sure each compartment is secure before shaking or toting your Zinger.

Add a Strap

The Zinger bottles come with a loophole for easy transportation. Place your fingers through the holes, or add a strap to your book bag or belt for hiking or trips. It’ll make an enjoyable trip easier and less labor intensive.

Clean it Out

Be sure to rinse your Zinger after each use (or after you change your grind chamber). Empty the grinds or wedges, and then completely disassemble your Zinger. Next rinse out each piece, checking for wedged pieces as you go. If there is a stubborn piece don’t use your fingers! While the Zinger blades are fairly dull, they are still made to slice fruit. We recommend keeping a wooden skewer or popsicle stick on hand to loosen and remove such particles.

Now, let each piece dry. If you’re in a hurry, be sure to dry your Zinger lid; due to its wide-set rings, water can become trapped and surprise the drinker later on.Also, because the Aqua and Vodka Zingers are made of stainless steel, water spots can form when not dried after rinsing.

Be sure to check back in for even more insider info, recipes, and more. To start Zinging today, check out the products tab above.