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Happy Spring Everyone!

by Jasmine McNenny on May 19, 2014

Happy Spring Everyone!

Whether you’re just coming off one of the coldest winters in recent history or are enjoying this balmy weather year-around, the arrival of May usually stirs up a bit of child-like giddiness.? The grocery stores and farmers’ markets are filling with a glorious mix of fruits and vegetables, and“freshness guaranteed” no longer has to be printed on the bag.

So let’s celebrate!? And what better way than with the favorite warm weather drink: lemonade!

There’s nothing so very complicated about lemonade – squeeze the lemons, add sugar and water to taste – but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a gourmet twist every once ina while.? Adding fresh fruits and herbs, even a splash of your favorite spirit, can turn any pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade into a whimsical drink perfect for the start of a party or right alongside your favorite springtime meal.?

So here are some tasty recipes for modernizing the classic lemonade (click the links for the full recipes):

Thyme Lemonade

This recipe combines thyme and lemon, a combination we’re already familiar with in certain fish and chicken dishes, and adds a little sweetness to create a wonderful balance of sweet and savory.? For more fun, try adding a little gin.?

Lavender Lemonade

This lemonade is as beautiful as it is delicious.? The lavender flowers give the drink a soft purple color and a lovely floral finish – perfect for an outdoor tea party.? Finger sandwiches, anyone?

Brazilian Lemonade

By its name alone, this lemonade sounds like a party starter.? Made with limes instead of lemons, it also contains condensed milk for drink that’s sweet and creamy.? Although the recipe doesn’t call for alcohol, some of the commenters mentioned adding rum and Vodka with positive results.? One even substituted coconut milk and sugar for the condensed milk.? Yum!

Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade

Need something special the whole family will love?? This may be it.? We’re all familiar with strawberry lemonade, so why not add a little watermelon?? This recipe is as easy as putting the ingredients in a blender and hitting “puree.”? Make it for a family get-together or serve over ice at an outdoor picnic.?

Ginger Lemonade

Let’s spice things up.? Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian offers up her take on lemonade by adding ginger to giving the drink a tangy zing.? Other similar recipes recommend adding ingredients like mint, honey, and club soda.? It’s hot and cold at its finest!???

Lemonade is delicious all on its own, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.? Its classic blend of sweet and sour is only enhanced by the addition of other flavors – savory, floral, creamy, spicy.? So mix it up and give your lemonade a little love.