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Flavored Liquors: The Beginning Of Flavoring Vodka

by Bethaney Wallace on Jul 20, 2012

Back in the 90s – which seems fairly close in the timeline of life – drinking flavored vodka, even standard lemon flavor, was considered new and unusual. How did they get the lemon in there? we often questioned. Is this magic? Then flavors like orange, raspberry, and coconut began hitting the shelves, and our minds were even further blown. Flavored vodka! What a novelty, we’d say, awestruck by this new tasty way to enjoy vodka.

Now decades later, virtually every flavor of liquor can be found on the market. Vodkas, rums, and dark liquors alike can all be found sporting new, fashionable flavors. However, that still hasn’t answered our previous question: how do the lemons (or other flavors) get in there? How do liquors become flavored without losing their taste, color, or becoming murky and riddled with seeds and pulp? While the labels certainly aren’t giving anything away, the answer is a long series of tests, clarification processes, and using clear ingredients from the get go. To sum up: those brands may or may not be flavoring their products with artificial ingredients. (A problem you never have to worry about with Zing!)

A History

Before there was infusion or syrups to help add different tastes and flavors, there was good old fashioned mixing and layering. Vodka has long since been served with a twist (a wedge or zest of lemon), while scotches and gin take a cherry or lime, otherwise known as a sour. By mixing these fruits into one’s tumbler, the juices were allowed to intermingle and create different or less intense flavored beverages. This practice later led to vodkas and other liquors being mixed, or infused, with fruits during the distilling process. However, this often led to a cloudy or fuzzy product, a sign of weak or inferior liquor by any connoisseur’s standards.

To remedy this, people began flavoring their own liquors at home, while companies would use clear flavoring agents, such as syrups, dyes (leaving the product colored, but still clear), or preservatives, which work to flavor and lengthen the product shelf-life.

Modern Times

Today those same liquors can still be purchased. From the U.S. to Europe, the birthplace of vodka, to the rest of the world, flavored versions are constantly being purchased and consumed. For those looking for a more natural option, though, Zing Anything’s Vodka Zinger allows you to use all-natural ingredients, creating a fresh-tasting, healthy cocktail. One you can be sure has no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

No matter your preference in liquor flavors, there’s certainly a large selection of fresh ingredients to choose from to find your favorite drink. Start Zinging your own unique flavors today by checking out the products tab above.