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Back to School Essentials

by Jasmine McNenny on Jan 26, 2016

Hey parents, it’s that time again! The kids are going back to school and that means early morning chaos as you try to get everyone dressed, packed up, and with lunch in their hands.

But it doesn’t all have to be difficult. Here are some fun and useful back-to-school essentials that will make the school year a little easier!

  • freezable lunch bag – A two-in-one deal can’t be beat. Lunch bags are now being sold with build-in freezable gel so at night all you have to do is put the bag in the freezer and in the morning you’ll have a chilled lunch bag that will keep food cold for up to 10 hours. Check out the PackIt bags!
  • locker organizers - It doesn’t really matter what you tell your kid on the first day of school, that locker will be trashed by week two. But to help slow this process, get locker organizers like a pop-up shelf and magnetic hooks to give everything a place. It’s easier to keep things neat when there isn’t the option to throw things just anywhere.
  • organizational folder – A cheap and amazingly convenient way to keep things organized – a two dollar accordion folder can save you a lot of lost papers throughout the year.?Mark the labels with things like ‘homework’, ‘take-home’, and ‘turn-in’ and set up an easy-to-follow system that will keep both you and your child on track.
  • eco-friendly stapler - A real stapler is not something that is on most school lists, but it helps keep papers from getting separated and lost. If you’re not comfortable with a stapler with metal staples - or actually want something that works without getting jammed every time - there is an eco-friendly stapler that locks papers together with a paper fold instead.?
  • reusable water bottle– Kids are notoriously bad about drinking enough water and without a reminder they could let themselves become dehydrated at school. So send them off with a reusable water bottle – if they have water near them they are more likely to drink it. If you kids don’t really like plain water, consider adding a little fresh fruit or a favorite juice for a more interesting and colorful drink. The Kid Zinger is the right size bottle for toting to school and is designed for fruit infusion fun!
  • stock of the necessities - Get it now while it’s cheap! Almost every store has some sort of back-to-school sale for all those little essentials. So take advantage of these sales and stock up on the stuff you know you’ll be picking up again in just a few months. Things like pencils, pens, erasers, notebook paper, graph paper, highlighters, and post-it notes. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • freezable recipes- From bean burritos to homemade muffins, tons of recipes offer the option to make, freeze, and pack. By the time he gets to lunch, your kid has a homemade lunch ready to eat. Check out Pintrest for easy freezable lunch ideas. For regular lunch ideas, check out Bon Appetit magazine for their list of 25.
  • giant calendar – With multiple busy schedules it can be hard to keep everything straight. Using some sort of community calendar, be it a traditional hanging calendar, whiteboard, or a computerized version, can make it easy to see when things are, what needs to be done, and when you have a little free time for fun.
  • innovative snack containers – To save both money and plastic, consider investing in a few useful snack containers and pack snacks the night before. Whether it’s a Goldfish cracker container shaped like an actual goldfish or a two-part container ideal for veggies and dip or yogurt and granola – there are tons of cools products that are perfect for every school snack.
  • a good book –A true back-to-school essential. A good, dynamic book is great for long bus rides, study hall, and in-between homework. It is a nice break from school work without the mind-numbing distraction of TV and videogames. If reading isn’t fun, you just haven’t found the right book!


Photos: Amber Patrick / aterrormusical photography