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7  Foods to Reduce Bloating

by Jasmine McNenny on Mar 03, 2016

A puffy, bloated stomach is uncomfortable;

We feel gassy, heavy, and even a little nauseated.There are various reasons why we may experience bloating, but we all want the same thing: relief.


The most common cause of bloating is typically a problem in digestion and in the digestive GI tract.Some foods like beans, lentils, broccoli, and kale, require special digestion by our gut bacteria; in the process of digestion, gasses are released that can make us feel bloated.Another cause may be a mild intolerance to and an inability to properly digest certain sugars in foods.Common intolerances include the lactose in dairy products, gluten, and fructose and sorbitol found in fruits like apples. Constipation can also lead to a backup in the system and therefore uncomfortable bloating. Finally, water retention can also lead to bloating, sometimes caused by the consumption of too much sodium. If bloating is a serious issue, it is best to cut down on high-sodium foods, including most processed foods.


So these are the causes, but there is also a comfortably long list of solutions. Luckily, most problems with bloating can be remedied quickly and effectively with certain foods.


  • Cucumber – Along with other anti-inflammatory enzymes, cucumbers contain the antioxidant quercetin which can help to reduce swelling – both under the eyes and in your digestive tract.


  • Potassium-rich foods –Foods high in potassium like bananas and asparagus help to flush out extra water from your system. Potassium helps to regulate your sodium level which prevents water-retention.


  • Probiotic yogurt – Probiotics are healthy bacteria that work with your digestive system to speed things along. A good source of probiotic bacteria is in “active-culture” yogurt.


  • Papaya – A particular enzyme in papaya, called papain, is good at breaking down certain proteins in your digestive tract which moves digestion along and prevents bloating.


  • Peppermint tea – Peppermint tea is the best comfort after a large meal. It relaxes the GI tract muscles to reduce gas and make digestion easier. (If you don’t like peppermint, try chamomile).


  • Ginger – The natural anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and relieve constipation. It can also absorb certain proteins that may be another cause of bloating.


  • Fennel seeds – Chewing on fennel seeds can help to relax contractions in the GI tract and make digestion easier.


Remember when looking for the best foods to reduce bloating, seek out high-fiber and high-water-content foods. Fiber is to the digestive tract as calcium is to bones. A regular diet of fiber keeps your digestive tract strong and working properly. Drinking water and eating foods with a high water content allow your body to release any excess fluids.

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