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6 Ways to Get More Flavor from Your Coffee

by Noelle on Aug 02, 2017

What is difference is between cold brew and your standard coffee pot?

Want to try cold brew, but don’t know what the actual difference is between it and your standard coffee pot? Too afraid to dive “mug-deep” into the mystery of it all? Well, here’s a little bit of information that will help eliminate some of the enigma, and make sure you brew a perfect cup of cold brew the first time!

First and foremost, coffee brewed with heat uses high temperaturesto zap the grounds and releases the coffee flavor, while cold brew is made similar to iced tea – it’s left to “steep.”

It takes a bit more time (12-24 hours) to make a good cold brew because you need time to let those flavors seep out of the grounds that would otherwise just be zapped out by the heat. The heat “zapping” is also the thing that releases the acids and bitterness into the normal coffee. You don't get that with cold brew. Instead of being zingy and bitter, it's smooth and deep.

Here are a few great ways to get the most flavor from your Flip Brew cold brew coffee maker:

  1. Use a light roast

It’s good to use lighter roast coffee beans because they tend to be more zingy and flavorful.A light roast keeps the coffee from becoming too muddy or flat tasting.

  1. Keep the grounds coarse

Keep the grounds coarse so they all stay in the filter. No one wants tiny grains of coffee in their cold brew!

  1. Give it time

Twelve to twenty-four hours is the “sweet spot” when it comes to cold brew. But, as with anything you let steep, the longer you give it, the more flavor!

  1. Use filtered water

The high temperature of drip and French press coffee can detract from any taste unfiltered water may have. When drinking cold brew, you’re getting the pure flavor of coffee (and whatever else might be in the water). Therefore, you want to make sure that any tastes you have in the brew are tastes you WANT.

  1. Use a burr grinder

Burr grinders give you evenly-sized grounds, and consistent ground size is really important for how the coffee turns out. Also, because the blades in blade grinders spin and chop extremely fast, they tend to overheat the beans. That can turn them bitter/sour – and eliminating the bitter/sour taste is one of the main points of brewing cold!

  1. Be sure to completely fill the basket with grounds

The carafe in your Flip Blew is measured exactly for the amount of water it holds. Be sure not to skimp on coffee grounds – you won’t get the benefit of a deep, flavorful brew.

These tricks should help turn your brew from satisfactory to spectacular. Try the flip brew, and you may never want to go back to hot coffee again.

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